Burningman 2004:


Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

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How it Started

Calling 2nd Degree Burn(ers)*

Those of you who have been coming to the burning silicon meetings have heard me talking about a wednesday night playa burn. It's time to stop talking and start planning, and I'm looking for some second degree burn(ers).

I'm defining* second degree burn(ers) as those who are well burned and ready to commit some time, effort and/or money to make a memorable moment for the residents of our home town. I think Sandy set the bar well-I'm looking for those willing to kick in 30 hours and/or $100 at a minimum.

We'll need many people with many skills. I see something that may rival the temples in size. We'll need visonaries and builders, laborers and haulers, safety and perimeter watchers, writers and photographers, stage directors? and actors? and liasons to several departments. And cleanup crew.

I've volunteered to be the lead on this project, but want a group of people who each think. know and say 'this is my burn, this is my art project' not helpers to work on wizzard's flaming carousel.


*For a graphical & better definition of 2nd Degree burn(ers), see: http://wizzard.com/burningman/burners/
Guaranteed cute.