Burningman 2004:

Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

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This page is being left as it was before BM2004 to keep a record of our progress. The links have been broken to paypal.Thanks to all who contributed!!
Spectacular art can be spectacularly expensive to build. When all the bills are paid, we expect to spend $5000 to $6000 to build the Pagoda.

Pagoda team members are each contributing money and time to build this gift to our favorite city.
Pagoda Team Leaders have spent over $1500 developing and testing the structure and contents. An additional $1800 has been collected or committed from team members. We need to raise less than what we've already contributed.

Won't You Help?

We burn the Pagoda of Infinite Reflection on Wednesday Night at Midnight and into Thursday Morning September 1/2 in Black Rock City, Nevada.
Would you like to contribute to a 32 foot tower--packed with an extra four cords of wood and topped with a heat-driven top propeller--that we will burn to the ground?

Shameless Selling:
No Longer Available, but Visit the burner photo page
Buy the BUMPER STICKER that says it all:

Here's the deal. Send me a self addressed stamped envelope and $2 and I'll shoot back one of these 2.75" x 8.5" Bumper stickers that should last a minimum of 3-5 years (per the printer's info) out there in the elements. Send me $5 and I'll slip 3 of these in that envelope so you can give a few to your burner friends. Send $10 and 2 stamps on the envelope and get 7 in return and give them to ALL your burner friends. Send $20 and an envelope with 3 stamps just to carry those 15 stickers you're gonna get back and pass them out on the playa.
Send Self Addressed Stamped Envelope & cash or check (I'll wait for checks to clear) to: Bob Marzewski / 4271 N First St. Box #47 / San Jose,CA 95134 - All profits go to the pagoda building fund.
How YOU can help

Donate $10
Buy 2-3 10 foot 2 by 6s.
We need 160 to build the pagoda.

Donate $25
Pay for a Sheet of Plywood.
The Infinite Mirror at the center of the Pagoda requires 3 sheets.

Donate $50
Pay for an hour of Front Loader time.
Cleaning up the 6 cubic yards of decomposed granite, kevlar blanket and leftover Pagoda bits will take up to 6 hours.

You Decide Your Donation
Click this button to donate the amount you enter.
Non-Monetary Ways You Can Help

1. The pagoda team members think we have have enough vehicles to carry the structural elements of the pagoda to the desert.
You could save us a pile of money if YOU have spare space. If we can find enough people to carry firewood to the playa by wed. morning (1 September) we can save $225/cord buying it locally. We have suppies of wood, but not the space/weight capacity to bring it from Silicon Valley. Maybe you have wood where you are.

If you have room to haul a quarter cord of wood (32 cubic feet, 1000 lbs) we could use your help.

2. Donate materials.
We need 2x6s in any size from 2' to 16' long.

3. We're still looking to fill a few key positions on the team, and we'll need on-playa help.

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