Burningman 2004:


Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

Pagoda Home: Let's make a big mid-week FIRE!

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Team Members: [Arthur Z] [Buck] [Dea] [Debi] [Dr. Wow] [Gerry] [Jill] [Marcel] [Paris] [Wizzard]
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Lighting the Pagoda & Making Gussets

Attached are a few photos of how we can put together some lights to give the BM people an idea of how the spots will be positioned and participant moved for the shadow effect. I'll send some others later tonight with each color to give you an idea of the nighttime effect.

I am seriously considering using a commercial led for some varying effects, same concept though. Cost is 25 per unit, we need 5. I will order at least one to test with on Monday.

Now for the odd idea of the day. I would like to set up a hoard of old camera flash on the top and close the cicuit loop by conductivewind chimes making contact. This can serve a s a beacon or some blinding effectsright before it burns.I have one working on my backyard as of today, it's pretty cool, especially en masse.


Could this be a convergence?

Terence Cutting Gussets

The wood Duncn got us is awesome! Beautiful scraps of 3/4" Oak plywood