Burningman 2004:


Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

Pagoda Home: Let's make a big mid-week FIRE!

EVENT: NEW! [Todd] [Waldemar ! ] [Others]
Team Members: [Arthur Z] [Buck] [Dea] [Debi] [Dr. Wow] [Gerry] [Jill] [Marcel] [Paris] [Wizzard]
[Movies] [burner stickers]
Lesson Learned: [Burn Platform] [Playing Cards]

Pre-EVENT: [funding] [Pre-Compression Raffle] [how it started] [who we are] [early concepts] [early concepts 2] [prototype building] [final design] [PROJECT PLAN] [1st burn: Arthur] [1st burn: Wizzard] [1st burn: Dr. Wow] [budget & parts list] [movies] [lighting] [final design 2] [emails] [flambe] [into summer] [logistics] [survival]

Prototype Building Begins

Let's turn the model into the real thing!

The wood stacked by length is sufficient for one of the 5 pagodas that build the whole structure.

Discussion about methods of connecting boards. Ember has a different approach to Wizzard's. Ember to lead the team to build the top, Wizzard the bottom.

(The supervisors)

To make the room to build, we need to put the halves of the earth together (Yea!!-been looking for a large enough group to help do this!)

Jill and Marcel

Ember as Tarzan


Arthur & Skid


Worm & Dea

David, Gerry & Debi



Second Build Day-1/4 scale models built.