Burningman 2004:


Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

Pagoda Home: Let's make a big mid-week FIRE!

EVENT: NEW! [Todd] [Waldemar ! ] [Others]
Team Members: [Arthur Z] [Buck] [Dea] [Debi] [Dr. Wow] [Gerry] [Jill] [Marcel] [Paris] [Wizzard]
[Movies] [burner stickers]
Lesson Learned: [Burn Platform] [Playing Cards]

Pre-EVENT: [funding] [Pre-Compression Raffle] [how it started] [who we are] [early concepts] [early concepts 2] [prototype building] [final design] [PROJECT PLAN] [1st burn: Arthur] [1st burn: Wizzard] [1st burn: Dr. Wow] [budget & parts list] [movies] [lighting] [final design 2] [emails] [flambe] [into summer] [logistics] [survival]

Progress into Summer

Item & Amount Weight Cost Who & Where
  1. 5 Pagoda Legs (each =32 10' 2x6) + 2 16' 2x6s
  2. ~800 gussets (extras + Special gussets)
  3. 40 lbs 2 1/2" screws
  4. 25 lbs 3-4" screws
  5. 4 2' square sheet of plywood
  6. 4 1 1/8" x 15" x 10' plywood strips and 8 2x4x10' for scaffolds
  7. 1/8" cable
  8. Buckets & 20 gallons of Diesel
  9. 4-5gallon containers for deisel
  1. 350 lb/leg
  2. 1 lb each
  3. 40 lbs
  4. 25 lbs
  5. 25 lbs
  6. 100 lbs
  7. 25 lbs
  8. 180 lbs
  9. 25 lbs
  1. ($190 First leg)
  2. free
  3. 15 lb free (from Q)
  4. plywood free
  5. larry buying
  1. 1-2legs prior to event??/Larry-1-2 legs/wizzard 1 leg/??
  2. half taken 4th of July half on 31st of July to Empire storage

    Infinite Mirror
  1. Retromirror and cabling
  2. base mirror
  3. Blinkie lights
  4. Perimeter mirror
  5. Pillows
What  Weight Cost   Who & Where

Flying Fractal Retro-Mirror    250   lbs $800+ Need 4x4x4 trailer space to transpo.
Base Pyramid Mirror            200   $350 Need 4 old-fashioned scissor tire jacks. AZ to transpo.
Perimeter Cordon & Mylar       100   $300 AZ to transpo. Need to borrow big mallet on-site for rebar.
Lights                          10   $100 Need to converge on lighting solution ASAP!
Pillows                         10   $100 Estimated; Dea & Debi fabricating them. Need AZ to transpo?
Geodesic Dome                  300   ? Borrowed Wizzards such and such frequency ? conduit dome.
                                      AZ to transpo
Spares & Supplies              100   100 cleaning supplies, rigging HW, etc.

Sure looks easy when you boil it down to weights and measures


    Top Spinner

  1. 250 8" x 8" x 16" blocks
  2. Some DG (?)
  1. ~10,000lb
  1. to wizzard's camp
  2. to wizzard's camp

250 cinder blocks delivered from Fernley:  $570 incl tax
18 24 ga CRS picked up in Reno:            $480 incl tax
(about the same from Grass Valley)
sheet metal screws                           $5
4 cu ft decomposed granite                  $12
platform total:                           $1067
hardware for flags: about                   $40
hardware for structure:
500 ft 1/8" cable:                          $98 incl tax
50 cable clamps:                            $25 (? guessing)
Larry Breed

    Sheet Metal
  1. 18 4x10' sheets of sheet metal
  2. Self tapping screws
  1. 700 Lb
  2. Minimal
  1. Bought and brought from Grass Valley area-friend of Dea and fellow member of Belief, NV theme camp

  1. 25 burlap sacks of kindling
  2. ?? burlap sack of excelsior
  3. To be adopted by team members
  1. 65 lb/sack
  1. Free (Duncan)
  2. Free (Duncan)
  1. Dr. Wow 1/Dea 3/Worm & David 2/Marcel 4/Arthur 4/

  1. Redwood poles
  2. Madrone Burls
  3. Madrone limbs
  4. logs
  5. Locally purchased firewood (2 cords)
  1. Free
  2. Free
  3. Free
  4. Free
  5. $225/cord
  1. Picked up
  2. from Alex's place
  3. in Morgan Hill
  4. by wizzard, ember, dea
  5. gerry, deb
 I doubt if I will have a chance to do thorough notes from last night, but
 here's a few 'to-do's' and things for which we need to do a call out:
 - Purchase bamboo pole lights from OSH? By whom?
 - Purchase/haul perimeter tape. (Recalculate based on 75ft radius) Who?
 - Post a needs list on yahoo group for: home fire extinguishers
 tarps--the larger the better brooms
 flat-edge shovels
 cordless drills
 ability to find/haul cordwood (can't hur, and will supplement Arthur's ask
 to the larger community) art car for the life and resurrection of the pagoda,
 especially burn  night, as a base of ops

 Keep adding to the above, please.

 For those who were there last night, our to-do's:
 - Inform Curtis that we especially need guardians from dusk (7:00 pm )
 through processional start (10:30) to be vigilant until all hands and
 rangers and fire folks are on site.  I think I agreed to email him.
 - Ask one of the Sierrans (does not have to be early arrival) to haul
 purchased 18 steel 4x10s (720lbs?) to playa. I will ask Barb, but she is
 out of town right now. May see her Saturday in Grass Valley, if Bob and I
 get over there.
 - Otherwise, it's a purchase in Reno with someone (Bob?) going out to
 retrieve while on playa.
 - Ask for volunteers to hunt, gather, haul 1/4 cord of wood to playa. AZ
 to do the ask, volume is 2x2x4
 - Meanwhile, Larry monitors wish list for additional cordwood via Panther.
 - We decide next Sunday, 8/8 next steps for additional cordwood or drop
 all together
 - Larry to order cable, rigging, etc via webriggingsupply.com. Card it and
 I'll reimburse.
 - Larry to order cinder blocks. Ditto on reimburse, if that's okay.
 - Bob to purchase wood, cut and haul to AZ's or take to AZ's and cut
 there. Brian to pick up 1.5 leg's worth. Dea to take one leg's worth.
 Larry to take 1.5 leg's worth. Bob to take one leg's
 worth. Somebody fix  this, as I think I have that wrong.
 - Debi and Dea (offline) agreed to meet next Wed or
 Thurs to check out  inexpensive shiney fabric for pillows, which are
 purchased and start  making cases. Also find flag material and make.
 Thanks, Miranda for the  tips.
 - Miranda to send out strongly worded (but
 community-minded) message to  fire folk that the performance is yet another
 opportunity for  self-reliance and demonstrated safety
 - Best place to try and find color printing on playa, or a place to start,
 is Oregon Country Fair camp. They have satellite uplink. Playa Info is
 banned from any internet access (many, many problems last year--org
 seriously involved--I can't even begin to go there) and never had printing
 capabilities of any sort any way. AZ, are you going to pursue? I'll print
 the other shots here before we leave, but will want to pare the images to
 a select 15-20. If it ain't on Wizzard's site or linked to it and you love
 it, better email a high-res image to me asap.

 Again, keep adding to what you remember from last night. I'm beat but
 excited. Great to have Dale (and Jeff's) history and expertise. What a
 cool, cool team.

 P.S. For all of our internal and external asks for material that doesn't
 get burned or otherwise destroyed: Remind all to mark everything with
 name, otherwise don't expect to see it again.