Burningman 2004:

Projects Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

Pagoda Home: Let's make a big mid-week FIRE!

EVENT: NEW! [Todd] [Waldemar ! ] [Others]
Team Members: [Arthur Z] [Buck] [Dea] [Debi] [Dr. Wow] [Gerry] [Jill] [Marcel] [Paris] [Wizzard]
[Movies] [burner stickers]
Lesson Learned: [Burn Platform] [Playing Cards]

Pre-EVENT: [funding] [Pre-Compression Raffle] [how it started] [who we are] [early concepts] [early concepts 2] [prototype building] [final design] [PROJECT PLAN] [1st burn: Arthur] [1st burn: Wizzard] [1st burn: Dr. Wow] [budget & parts list] [movies] [lighting] [final design 2] [emails] [flambe] [into summer] [logistics] [survival]

Budget & Parts List

The Materials List

Pagoda structures
*  160 10' 2x6s for main structure
*  2 16' 2x6s for main structure
*  Plywood for gussets
*  4-5 cords of wood for fuel
*  Plywood for pagoda leg bases 3'x3's
*  6-8 gallons of diesel
*  Real fuse or home-made fuse
*  20+ gallons of water & containers
*  20 fire extinguishers (some from fire spinners)
*  500 feet of steel cable approximately 1/4" diameter
* Steel bolts for pagoda leg anchors
*  Watering cans with big spray heads
*  Small rebar rods
*  Rakes
*  Shovels
*  4 large screw-in anchors
*  Rebar pounder/puller
*  Power screwdrivers (A/C)
*  Extension cords
*  Generator(s) (and access to RVs to recharge screwdriver batteries)
*  Stepladder
*  Level
*  Buttons for team and for Curtis' ArtGuards
*  Beacon for the top of the structure
*  Flags for pagoda corners
*  Lights for pagoda corners
*  Solar yard lights for perimeter

Large mirror, lighting and assembly:
*  Solar panel & charging circuitry for 12V battery
*  12 volt battery
*  Bearings, cable and fittings for propeller/mirror mechanism
*  4' x 4' Mirror Plexiglas
*  Mirror mastic & gun

Three 1-foot mirrors will each need:
*  3-LED lamp modules from flashlight (6-9 total)
*  Battery pack with 2 D-cells (6-9 total)
*  24-gauge or smaller clear wire (18 feet total)
*  12v lights
*  LED lights, color
*  Blinky lights
*  Pulley mechanism and rigging for interactive leg lights

Other important stuff
*  Two-way radios
*  garbage bags (for moop)
*  Transport (art car or golf cart) to haul material from camps

For burn night:
*  All fire extinguishers available from fire spinners, and team  members.
*  All available first aid (preferably attached to trained team) kits,
   equipment & supplies from fire spinners, and team members.

Project/Item # we need # we have e$timated co$t real co$t other
wood: 2x6s 10' long 160 32 $750
wood: Plywood for Gussets 3/8-3/4" 320 sqFt 200 sqFt Find scrap for all?
wood: Plywood for decorations 1/4-3/4" (320 sqFt + -) ?? Find scrap for all?
Screws 3500 ???
Cord wood 5 cords
Infinite Mirrors
Playa Protecton
Top Spinner
12in "Lazy Susan" bearing 1 $8 at OSH
2in x 2in x 8ft (or 2in x 3in x 8ft) wood for prop arms 5
20in x 72in x 1/4in plywood for blade faces 5
2 mil mylar sheets for mirrorizing blade faces (got it)
24in 2x6 2
20in 2x6 2
24in x 24in x 3/4 plywood for anchor deck, stacked and glued 2
24in dia 3/4 plywood circles for hub 4
3/8in lag hooks for hanging poi 2 $3
bolts (size ?) for attaching blades to hubs 10-20
1/2in x 12in eye bolt for center shaft hanging 1
washers and nuts for eye bolt
a bunch of screws