Burningman 2004:


Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

Pagoda Home: Let's make a big mid-week FIRE!

EVENT: NEW! [Todd] [Waldemar ! ] [Others]
Team Members: [Arthur Z] [Buck] [Dea] [Debi] [Dr. Wow] [Gerry] [Jill] [Marcel] [Paris] [Wizzard]
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Lesson Learned: [Burn Platform] [Playing Cards]

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First Test Burn: Wizzard's Photos

This is the answer to the question...

...how do you carry an 8'x8'x15' tower on a 4'x8' trailer.

David checks out Ember's top spinner.

Into the fire, rigging it right.

An 'original style' pagoda burn. This is what Ember first suggested as the pagoda design oh so long ago.

Gerry attaching his top spinner.

1/4 scale model catches fire.

Many of the pieces of the scale model were not glued. A little shift in one f the legs brought the whole thing down.

Lost my camera til morning after this shot. Didn't get any of the full sized tower.

There IS a beach here!