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Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

Pagoda Home: Let's make a big mid-week FIRE!

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Art Project Application (pdf)

Aerial view of pagoda showing burn protection and proposed safety perimeter on burn night.

Side view of Pagoda with height and width marked.

The major structures of the infinite mirror shown unobscured by the pagoda.

Hi, Dave. At Flambe you asked me for diagrams showing how we'remaking the Pagoda of Infinite Reflection strong enough. Here theyare, as both Appleworks files and as jpg's.

You've seen the model, so you know that the basic construction is fir2x6's of length 30" to 96", attached by 3/4" oak plywood gussets andscrews from one level's face to the next level's end grain. Our testerection of single 15-ft pyramids has shown that they're rigid enoughto tip end for end, carry, and stand in any orientation with a fewworkers climbing on them.

To brace against diagonal loads (which should be small), the cablingestablishes diagonals across the base pyramids' big ends. If it'snecessary to strengthen 2x6 end grain from splitting or spreading, wewill have 1-3/8" screws to run through the 2x6's close to the ends.

The cabling diagram shows the 1/8" galvanized cable that (a) bracesagainst wind loading, and (b) encourages the burning structure tocollapse inward rather than outward.

The mirror suspension is designed to hold the overhead mirrorassembly securely and to prevent collisions with the pagoda's basepyramids when it's windy. For high winds, we will be prepared to tiedown the mirror assembly, and we would of course shoo outparticipants.

One thing we're still working on is how to disconnect the mirrorassembly from the top spinner's rotation if the torque gets too great.

I'll probably be in the office Monday morning, so we could talk furtherthen.--~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Application:Project Type 1. Theme Related? (Required) Is your art installation relevant to the 2004s The Vault of Heaven theme?Yes2. Art Installation / Project Name (Required) What is your art installation/project called?Pagoda of Infinite Reflection3. Listed On Public Map? (Required) Would you like your project to be listed in the What, Where, When , a public map thatparticipants receive during the event?Yes4. Website Description of Art Installation Please write a description of your Art Installation as you wish it to appear onthe Burning Man website. Write the description below. Please keep your description to 150 words or less. Deadline forinformation is August 1, 2004.The Pagoda is a study in repetition and, like a giant wooden diffraction grating, the structure's repetitive symmetryinteracts with sunlight and moonlight to generate a myriad of alternating bright lines and dark shadows on the playasurface. A collaborative project, the Pagoda plays host to several pieces of art, the largest of which continues therepetitive theme. Inside, the Vault of Infinity--an elaborate infinite mirror--invites reflection on the infinities withinus. On Wednesday night, after a city-wide processional, the upper tower of the Pagoda will be fired into heaven in a blazeof color, consuming the entire structure in flame.5. Date Of Arrival (Required) What day do you anticipate arriving on the playa?Before Saturday 08.28.20046. Associated With Theme Camp? (Required) Is your art installation associated with a theme camp?No7. Theme Camp Association If so, which theme camp is your art installation associated with?n/aVisual Details 1. Physical Description of Art Installation (Required) Please describe as clearly as you can, in as muchdetail as you need, what your project is about. What is the visual impact of your project, the dimensions, and how willBurning Man participants interact with it? (If you are utilizing fire in any way, we will be asking for more details relatedto the flames later in this questionnaire.)The structure is a large (24’ wide x24’ long x 31’tall) repetitive wooden structure composed of 2x6 beams and plywoodgussets constructed in an open, airy style. The shape is five truncated pyramids. Four of these rest on the ground in asquare pattern inverted onto their pointy tips, while the fifth is mounted right-side-up on top of the other four andcentered.The five pyramids are united at the 15-foot level by continuous joists.  From screw anchors in each base pyramid foot,cables attach to every tier of the pyramid’s outer face, then continue inward, to provide cross-bracing, and across to theopposite pyramid, to prevent the structure from collapsing outward during the burn.The structure itself may invite climbing and could withstand a reasonable climbing load, but we will discourage it withsignage and near full-time guardians during its short life. It is about light, not gravity.The largely open inner space defined by the Pagoda structure will house the Vault of Infinite Reflection, an interactivemirror artwork designed to twist the visual sense and create special effects using simple optical science tricks andbattery/solar lighting rather than advanced technology.   A corner mirror of 4-foot plywood-backed acrylic mirror, withsmaller mirror assemblies attached, is suspended over a ground-level shallow pyramidal mirror.  The construction is suitablystrong.  The assembly is suspended from a propeller atop the Pagoda, which will employ wind to rotate the assembly slowly.A thrust bearing supports the weight, and other attachments prevent high winds from moving the mirror assembly laterally.On Wednesday afternoon we will prepare the structure for burning by removing the mirror assembly and other artistic elementsfrom the structure, repositioning the cables, and adding several cords of wood.Project Structures Which structures does your project include? (Please check all that apply)Structure over 15 feet highInterference with nearby art? Are there any aspects or components to your installation or project which could possiblyinterfere with other nearby art, such as bright lights, in need of a quieter area?YesInterference Detail If yes, please describe:This structure will be burned Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Anything sensitive to fire should be placed well away.5. Illumination Details (Required) How will your project be illuminated at night? Reflectors / Blinking lights?The structure will be lit, at a minimum, within each of the four corners. This lighting is referred to as the foundationlighting, and provides the visual distinction necessary to identify the pagoda as such during nightfall in clear conditions.The foundation lighting is 12v dc powered spot, suspended at 2/3 or higher from the base in such a manner as to encourageparticipation in moving the lights up and down or sided to side. The movement contributes to the overall interactive elementand shadowing effect.Foundation lighting is wired using appropriate gauge stranded and shielded copper wire. All connections will be properlyterminated and not exposed.Spot lighting will be in the four corner legs of the pagoda directed toward the playa. Each leg is in the shape of a V andconstructed of staggered vertical 2x6, which will allow light to escape for external visibility. Each leg will contain oneuniquely colored spot.The center and lone top piece, which is in the shape of an inverted V, will at a minimum be illuminated by an additionalspot. It is predicted that additional lighting will be included in the top tier, such as a beacon, blinkies, class 3 laser,el wire, or other low voltage / battery operated lighting. This is an evolving part of the project.Additional discussion has included the illumination of the top propeller with el wire, which would trace the outline of thepropeller itself. This too is a part of the project still in gestation.The primary intention and focus of the lighting team is to provide illumination which will not only guide participants tothe art but to enhance the geometry of the piece. Lighting within the pagoda will be interplayed with the infinite mirrorsand is designed to create illusionary kaleidoscope-like effects.6. Project Footprint Please estimate the physical dimensions of your piece (24’width 24’ breadth 31’ height).Main structure & Burn protection pads: 24' square. The perimeter will be a circle of garden lights about 50' in diametercentered on the Pagoda.Plan Submission Method (Required) A diagram, drawing, or plan for each project, which can be as simple or complex as youneed it to be, must be sent to us within 2 weeks of submitting this form. The diagram is the complement to the de-scriptionof your project, what ever it takes for the Art team to understand fully what you are wanting to create this year. Thisinformation is essential for starting a dialogue. Please specify the manner in which you would like to submit your plan:Email: installations@burningman.com URL (see next question) Fax: 415-865-3820 - Attn: Art Installations Mail: Attn: ArtInstallations Burning Man P O Box 884688 San Francisco, CA 94188-4688 NOTE: We are asking that you submit to us a digitalimage or print photo of your installation POST-EVENT so that we may illustrate your listing in the 2003 art installationarchives on our website. Please be sure to photograph your work on the playa. Please send this information in one of theways listed above.8. Project Plan URL If you are submitting your project plan via the web and your plan is ready for submission, pleaseinclude the URL to your plan here.http://wizzard.com/bm2004/plan.html9. Additional Information Please list any other information you feel is vital for the completion of your project:Because this piece will burn early, we plan to complete construction by Monday, August 30. Our delivery of Kevlar mat anddecomposed granite is coordinated with the Man's, so we will need the Pagoda's location established early and will also needearly access to the playa for the sole purpose of preparing the mat and DG.  We will begin construction around SaturdayAugust 21.Special Needs 1. Building A Stage? (Required) Are you building a stage? Please read about sound limitations.No2. Stage Placement If so, where will the stage be located in relation to your project?N/A3. Sound Amplification? (Required) Will your project have sound amplification?No4.Number Of Generators How many (if any) generators will you bring?0Amount Of Fuel How much fuel will you be storing?0-20 Gal.Leave No Trace 1. Leave No Trace Plan (Required) Whether you plan to burn your project or not, please describe your plan INDETAIL to Leave No Trace whatsoever of your project(s) - including burn scars:Our overall plan is to use the same practices as other large burns, like David Best's temples. We are coordinating withCrimson, Hazmatt, and Coyote to make sure we get it right. Our playa protection coordinator is Larry Breed.LNT prior to the burn will consist of securing lightweight materials and de-MOOPing the area as needed.Prior to construction we will lay down a Kevlar burn mat with 2 inches of decomposed granite, covering the footprint. Theinstallation will house a variety of art elements before the burn. All of these will be removed before the burn, except forthose intended (and non-hazardous) for burning.Our burn is scheduled for Wednesday night, midweek. The structure is enclosed by cables that prevent burning materials fromfalling outward, so burning materials will be concentrated on the protected area. Fire attendants with appropriate tools(rakes etc.) will be at the periphery, to move onto the burn mat any burning material falling on the unprotected playa.We expect to work through the Artery to hire Willie Courtney (or similar person) to use his front-loader and truck the dayafter the burn, to remove ashes, cinders, DG, and the burn mat. Our group will use brooms or other appropriate tools toremove any residual material. Following cleanup, we expect to re-erect some art structures and continue to use the space forthe duration of the event. We will de-moop as needed. All materials will be removed, and the area gridded, before departure.Burning Questions Answering yes to any of the following questions requires you read and sign the associated agreements foundat the end of this form. 1. Open Flame (Required) Will your project include the use of an OPEN FLAME (this includes itemssuch as candles, torches, fire barrels, or any art that is to be set on fire)?Yes2. Flame Effects (Required) Will your project include the use of FLAME EFFECTS (This includes all flames that are automated,switched, pressurized or having any other action than simply being lit on fire; as well as projects using propane or liquidfuels)?No3. Pyrotechnics (Required) Does your project contain PYROTECHNIC MATERIALS? (Burning Man !"s definition of pyrotechnicsincludes any explosives, projectiles or fireworks. ALL PYROTECHNIC SPECIAL EFFECTS MATERIAL USED IN ANY ART INSTALLATION ORPERFORMANCE MUST BE OF CLASS C !" OR LESS. ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS OF CLASS B !" OR HIGHER WILL BE PERMITTED AT THE EVENT.No4. Combustibles (Required) WIll you be STORING HAZARDOUS FLAMMABLES or any potentially dangerous combustibles? Will yourproject include the use of an OPEN FLAME (this includes items such as candles, torches, fire barrels, or any art that is tobe set on fire)? (This information is for fire prevention only and is confidential.)NoFire Questionnaire Contact Info 1. (Temporarily) Bob MarzewskiFire Safety Liaison Name (Required)Please give the name of the person who is assuming responsibility for the safety of this artwork. 2. (Temporarily) BobMarzewskiFire Safety Liaison Phone Number (Required)Please provide a phone number at which the Fire Safety Liaison can be reached. 3. 408-943-1669Fire Safety Liaison Email Address (Required)Please provide an email address for the Fire Safety Liaison. 4. bobmarzewski@yahoo.comFire Safety AssistantsPlease provide the names of any fire safety assistants, one per line. All assistants must be 21 years of age or older andtrained in fire safety and suppression.We have a core team of 25 who are willing to be trained in fire safety. We are looking for guidance from you.5. Pyrotechnics Operator If you will be using pyrotechnics, please provide the name of the primary pyrotechnics operator.n/a6. Qualifications Of Pyrotechnics Operator If you will be using pyrotechnics, please describe the qualifications of theprimary pyrotechnics operator.n/aScenarioStarting Wednesday morning, we remove all artwork that is not to be burned.  Once this has freed up the central space, were-rig structural cables through this space to augment fire containment (so it falls inward when burning.) Next we loadcordwood into base pyramids and on ledges inside the top pyramid.  From this time, only crew is permitted under or on thestructure.Next, we deploy five gallons of diesel in the pyramids, in closed containers that can be dumped at the last minute by a pullon a rope. Poi hanging from the central propeller get soaked in diesel and then enclosed in airtight bags.  No diesel willbe open to the air or poured on the structure at this time.  No diesel is stored on the playa or accessible to participantsat any time.The next step, mid evening, is to set up a safety perimeter, tentatively at 75 ft, consisting of a physical barrier andhuman attendants trained in fire safety.  Gathering participants will find positions behind the safety perimeter, but aprocession of fire dancers will enter the space within.  Once their performance is over, they will move to the safetyperimeter.Two of us then pull ropes to pour the diesel on the structure and deploy fuses, which are diesel-soaked ropes. We pour oneadditional gallon on firewood piled in the central space, and light a fuse which will ignite only the central (upper)pyramid.The upper pyramid burns first, and fire spreads to the base pyramids only via burning material that falls into the centralspace.  The structural cables prevent base pyramids from falling outward as they burn.  No one, not even fire safety crew,will approach the structure until the top pyramid collapses and the height of the structure is reduced to 15 feet or less.Once this happens, fire safety crew can safely move errant burning material back onto the burn mat.  At some point afterthis, participants will move in past the safety perimeter.  At this point, we all just enjoy the burn and attend toparticipant safety.  Cleanup begins in the morning.To better assist you with your artwork we need to know, in great detail, everything about your project. Be as clear andconcise as possible, even though you may have described your project in an earlier question. Please answer the questionswhich apply to your art: Open Flame - How will the fuels and materials be used? Flame Effects - How will the fuels andmaterials used be supplied to your project? Please include details regarding hoses, pumps, pressures, wicking, etc...Pyrotechnics - What types of pyrotechnics will be used and how will they be employed. Diagram/Schematics The next series ofquestions are mandatory and must be sent to the Art Team (directions for delivery of - information is at the bottom of thisquestionnaire). BASE CAMP SETUP If your art is Open Flame Art or Flame Effects Art: Please incude the locations of fuel,flammable liquids, hazardous materials or anything potentially dangerous other than camping gear. If your art incorporatesPyrotechnics in any way, please include the following in your diagram: Storage Ready Boxes (which must be made ofappropriate materials as outlined by NFPA.) Point Of Assembly of all pyrotechnic materials (No smoking or open flames within25 feet of the area.) Location of Fuel, flammable liquids, hazardous materials or anything potentially dangerous other thancamping gear. (No smoking or open flames within 25 feet of the area.) INSTALLATION / PERFORMANCE AREA Prepare a diagramshowing the following areas within the art installation / performance area: Burn Platform: Please prepare a diagram thatshows all aspects, details and materials used. Perimeter Safety Zones: Show where the artwork stands in relationship towhere participants/audience will be (and if performers are involved). And how were these distances determined? FireExtinguishers: Types and locations IF YOUR INSTALLATION INCORPORATES FLAME EFFECTS: Fuel Location & Supply: Location ofartwork in relationship to fuel tanks, showing fuel lines and how the tank(s) will be shielded from vehicle traffic andilluminated at night. IF YOUR INSTALLATION INCORPORATES PYRO EFFECTS: Where will pyro and fuel be used in your artinstallation / performance Location of fuel storage Preparation area Please submit all Diagrams in one of the followingways: Via the Web Type the URL of your online diagrams hereOpen Flame: installations@burningman.com Flame Effects: flame-effects@burningman.com Pyrotechnics: pyro@burningman.com Fax:415-865-3820 Attention to one of the following: Open Flame, Flame Effects or Pyro Mail: Burning Man Attn: Open Flame, FlameEffects OR Pyro PO Box 884688 San Francisco, CA 94188-4688Safety Plan 1. Safety Plan (Required) Please describe your safety plan for your art piece, performance, demonstration, ordisplay. This should include: Fire extinguishers and or Fire suppression that will be kept on hand and used if needed? Whatkind of First-Aid will you supply? What kind of safety and/or fire training have your performers, yourself or yourassistants had?During the pre-burn “art” period, the pagoda looks much like a big ladder and will be tempting to climb. We are gatheringpagoda guardians to provide nearly 24hour protection to keep people from climbing. As part of burn preparations (describedin the Scenario), we will establish a safety perimeter and maintain it until the structure collapses.We will position small fire extinguishers around the perimeter, and want to discuss what other fire suppression may berequired, such as fire department trucks or other equipment.We will have several first aid kits on hand. We will offer safety training to all of the members of our group and expect tohave many skills represented in those on the perimeter cordon.Leave No Trace 1. Burn Scar Protection Plan / Burn Platform Please describe how your project will be situated in relation tothe platform. Be sure to think about how your project will fall or collapse, and make sure your platform will cover ampleground to protect the playa even as your piece falls.Our overall plan is to use the same practices as other large burns, like David Best's temples. We are coordinating withCrimson, Hazmatt, and Coyote to make sure we get it right. Our playa protection coordinator is Larry Breed, an EarthGuardian with advanced LNT training. LNT prior to the burn will consist of securing lightweight materials and de-MOOPing thearea as needed.Prior to construction we will lay down a burn mat (Kevlar or fiberglass) with 2 inches of DG, covering the footprint and afew feet outside. The installation will house a variety of art elements before the burn. All of these will be removed beforeour burn, except for those intended (and non-hazardous) for burning.Our burn is scheduled for Wednesday night, midweek. The construction will include structural elements to prevent burningmaterials from falling outward, so nearly all burning materials will be concentrated on the protected area. Fire attendantswith appropriate tools (rakes) will be at the periphery, so that if any burning material falls on the unprotected playa itcan be promptly moved onto the burn mat.We will contract with Willie Courtney to use his front-loader and truck the day after the burn, to remove ashes, cinders,DG, and the burn mat. Our group will use brooms or other appropriate tools to remove any residual material. Followingcleanup, we expect to re-erect some art structures and continue to use the space for the duration of the event. We willde-moop as needed. All materials will be removed, and the area gridded, before departure.2. Leave No Trace (Required) Please explain IN DETAIL your Burn Clean-up Plan. Remember the Burning Man Leave No TracePhilosophy. Please submit diagrams, schematics and/or drawings that relate to your particular Fire Effect. See plan url fordiagrams.We will contract with Willie Courtney to use his front-loader and truck the day after the burn, to remove ashes, cinders,DG, and the burn mat. Our group will use brooms or other appropriate tools to remove any residual material. Followingcleanup, we expect to re-erect some art structures and continue to use the space for the duration of the event. We willde-MOOP as needed. All materials will be removed, and the area gridded, before departure.Pyrotechnics Please list all pyrotechnic special effects material being used. Be prepared to supply Material Data Sheets(MSDS !"s) for hazardous chemicals used. Use pyro-at-burningman-dot-com for all correspondence regarding this section of theform.1. Pyrotechnic Supplies Type of pyrotechnic supplies. Please include the names of the firework items that you will be using(e.g. Black Cat firecrackers, Masters of Orion cakes, etc.), one per line, and the quantity of each item.N/A2. Pyrotechnic Special Effects Materials Please list all pyrotechnic special effects materials that you will be using (e.g.rubber cement, smoke cloth, etc.), one per line, and the quantity of each item.N/A