Burningman 2004:


Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

Pagoda Home: Let's make a big mid-week FIRE!

EVENT:NEW! [Todd][Waldemar ! ][Others]
Team Members:[Arthur Z][Buck][Dea][Debi][Dr. Wow][Gerry][Jill][Marcel][Paris][Wizzard]
[Movies][burner stickers]
Lesson Learned: [Burn Platform][Playing Cards]

Pre-EVENT:[funding][Pre-Compression Raffle][how it started][who we are][early concepts][early concepts 2][prototype building][final design][PROJECT PLAN][1st burn: Arthur][1st burn: Wizzard][1st burn: Dr. Wow][budget & parts list][movies][lighting][final design 2][emails][flambe][into summer][logistics][survival]


The main parts of the infinite mirror isolated.

Typical hot day.

Dust storm.

Clouds are threatening.

Night falls.