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(Does anyone know who this woman is?)

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From Miranda

From Debi's new ride

Cupcake Cars
Subject: BM thoughts
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004
From: Alex
To: wizzard@wizzard.com

I can't say that we ever met on the playa. But by
Wed. we were still setting up camp for the 3rd day and
I hadn't had time to reflect and think about my place
at BM. Needless to say I was a little frustrated and
not in tune. It was one of those windy afternoons and
I noticed a piece of paper blowing around in the wind.
It blew right to my feet. It was a black
bumper-sticker and all it said was "burner". I felt
an immediate sense of calmness and attachment. The
reality of BM replaced my earlier frustrations. I had
arrived. Your email was written on the back.

Camp Sloburn

Hey wizzard-
These were taken while I was in South Africa last week, the one of me is on Kenton Beach on the east coast of SA, near Port Elizabeth and the sign is as it says, Bushmans River Mouth (it's in Afrikaans), just across the river where my folks live! Well travelled stickers!!

Playa love


I'm from the UK but this is in Whistler Canada, yesterday (5 Feb 05)! Caroline Cordery (virgin Burner 04)

I'm not sure who sent this, but from a recent siting at Red, White & Blue beach if the file name is to be believed.
This photo shows our man Jeff outside the east gate of the Oklahoma City National Memorial. The Memorial, dedicated on April 19th, 2000 by then president William Jefferson Clinton, is probably the most nationally recognized Oklahoma City landmark. We initially considered two other sites: Will Rogers World Airport and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, but it was decided that neither site was going to be accessible enough for our needs. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the Murrah building bombing, the choice now seems even more appropriate. For more information about the memorial, please visit their website at: www.oklahomacitynationalmemorial.org/
Photo by Wayne Wright

Photo by Wayne Wright