Stuff to Bring

Protective Gear
Hard Hat
Work Gloves
Clothing to protect your important parts
Water & food to keep you alive while working

Construction Tools
Cordless drill/screwdriver with extra batteries, chargers, deck screw bits
Corded drill/screwdriver with ext. cords. (Wizzard has generator)

Fire Line Supplies
Home Fire Extinguisher(s) - if you don't have one, you should!
Home First Aid Kit
Propellor Badges

Clean Up Tools
Bucket or strong container for garbage
Broom/dustpan - for your own camp too!
Flat-edge shovel
Compound wire cutters to bust up the cables after the fire
Fireplace tongs
Solar yard lights to mark piles of supplies & pagoda during construction

Misc Useful Stuff
Portable Generator & gas to run it
Tarps, ropes

The 10 Commandments

  1. No spectators! if you aren't ready to work, don't distract those who are.
  2. Everyone can work. There will be jobs anyone can do if open and willing.
  3. Come ready to work. Bring your supplies and tools.
  4. Come safely. Bring protective clothing, gloves, sun lotion, climbing harness, back support.
  5. Come for a while and bring water, snacks, spray bottle.
  6. Respect each other. Remember the playa can be a stressful place under the best conditions.
  7. Represent us well when talking to passing BRCitizens out on the playa.
  8. Remember this is supposed to be fun.
  9. LNT Don't let it hit the ground.
  10. No firearms.
Participant Responsibilities
  • Mark all your tools and other equipment with your name or assume you'll never see them again.
  • Come with a bucket or 3-5 gallon container to carry home your share of moop we pick up around the burn area. BM ORG is carrying away ash, but we'll have bottles, cans, screws and cables to carry away.
  • Everyone takes a Guardian shift.
  • Everyone helps on burn night in the procession or on the fire perimeter.
  • Everyone helps Thursday during cleanup. Please bring a potluck food item.
  • Help clean the mirror when it is dusty.