Burningman 2004: Projects
Pagoda of Infinite Reflection

Let's make a big mid-week FIRE!
This year I want to burn something BIG, to involve and get help from others, and bring back mid-week wood bonfires to Burning Man.

The Model
The Reality

Copyright (c) 2004 Christopher Lee Photography

Paying the piper. Can you help?
Pre-Compression Raffle
Raising money CAN be an Art.

How it Started
Early call to get a team together.
Who We Are
The team.
Early Concepts
What should our fire look like?
Early Concepts 2
Sketches from team members.
Prototype Building Begins
Can we build it? Will it be strong enough? Time to make some full sized models.
Final Structure Design
Kill the engineers-this is it.
The page I'll send in with the application to the Artery
1st Test Burn: Arthur's Photos
Burning tests:9 April in Half Moon Bay
1st Test Burn: Wizzard's Photos
More flaming fotos
1st Test Burn: Dr. Wow's Photos
Even more flaming fotos-only set with full sized leg shots.
Budget & Parts List
What do we buy, what can we scrounge?

Movies (QuickTime)
Do YOU have the bandwidth?
Lighting the Pagoda & Making Gussets
Terence's photos: lighting first tests and Gusset day
Final Structure Design 2
More images from the 3D model.
Emails worth sharing
Lots of discussion to make a big project.
Flambe Lounge
The big volunteer event put on by the BM organization..
Progress into Summer
Random updates.
Major items and how they'll get to the playa.
Survival Guide
A printable guide to team members.

Burning Man Event Photos
From non-team members
NEW! (added 2006) Todd
Waldemar !
Other Photographer's Photos

Team Members' Photos
Arthur Z's Photos
Buck Hummer's Photos
Dea's Photos
Debi's Photos
Dr. Wow's Photos
Gerry's Photos
Jill's Photos
Marcel's Photos
Paris' Photos
Wizzard's Photos

Movies of the Pagoda

burner stickers Photos
Lesson Learned: Burn Platform

A Present From Worm
Who We Are and What We Did:Pagoda Playing Cards

Arthur Z's Observatory Project

Wizzard's Diorama

Twisted Infinity: Arthur Z's Observatory Project
Blackhole: Wizzard's Diorama

Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 29
June 18, 2004

With 77 days left, the office is pumped full of energy...


We are pleased to present ten diorama designs that we have chosen forthe Observatory stages: http://www.burningman.com/themecamps_installations/alien_world.html If you find a world you would like to inhabit, and in which you want tocreate interactive theatre, please read through our Off-Planet Theaterpage: http://www.burningman.com/themecamps_installations/off_planet.html and then contact us at off-planet@burningman.com by JULY 15.

We have selected nine projects for the interior Observatory walls, andyou can learn about them here: http://www.burningman.com/themecamps_installations/installations/04_art_theme.html . We are stilllooking for one more project; please read the Vault of Heaven text at http://www.burningman.com/themecamps_installations/bm04_theme.html andcontact mad-scientists@burningman.com with ideas by JULY 1.

We are looking for artwork...

The Observatory
Design by Rod Garrett and Larry Harvey
Illustration by Rod Garrett