Burningman 2006:

Intelligent Design


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The theme of Burning Man 2006: 'Hope and Fear: The Future' is wide open as usual. Should I make the human powered monorail system I've been contemplating for the past 3 years? Rubber stamps with bar codes to stamp the forheads of all the citizens of BRC (I may still do this one!) in preparation fof the day we we are tagged like cows? The simpliest idea that best represents the future is one I still may also do-a head mounted light-weight stick hanging out in front of me with a carrot. What can better illustrate the hope and fear the future represents?

With all the controversy over evolution being taught in the schools-and whether religious concepts masquerading like science should be taught in parallel with real science, the idea came with a blinding flash.

Originally titled 'Evolution', I changed the name to Intelligent Design (because I can't wait for images of it to pop up when people search Google for that term). It will be a series of more complex creatures showing a progression toward man.

Usually that is where the image would stop, but the final feature of this piece will be a space at the top of the ramp to allow burners to add themselves into the scene.

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