Burningman 2003:


...a place to stand...

Archimedes stated "Give me a place to stand on and I will move the earth." King Hiero, who was absolutely astonished by the statement, asked him to prove it. In the harbor was a ship that had proved impossible to launch even by the combined efforts of all the men of Syracuse. Archimedes, who had been examining the properties of levers and pulleys, built a machine that allowed him to single-handedly move the ship from a distance away.

Beyond Belief is experience from which springs Data. Data organizes itself into Information. Information and an understanding of it brings Knowledge. Knowledge and it's application in novel ways brings Wisdom.

Beyond Belief is Science and the tools it uses to transform meaningless data into true wisdom.

Climb inside the world
It may be bright red now, but eventually, this 8' fiberglass ball will be 'painted' to look like a world globe. If I can strengthen it enough (should be able to) I also want to allow BRCitizens to be able to climb up inside and 'run' around like a hamster in a ball.

Prototypes, ball photos and idle thoughts
Overview of what I've got and where I'm trying to go.

Bowling Ball Bearing Sockets
Details of construction of the bearings I'm using (so far) to allow the ball to rotate.

More visualizations
Just messin around with the key components of the support structure.

A house fire has put this on hold for the moment. I'll be sending an anouncement in JRS and other burningman newsletters hopefully around the end of March to gather a group of brainstormers. Stay tuned...

Bottom Support
The bowling balls alone need help to hold up the heavy ball and occupants.

'Give me a place to stand and I can move the world'

Some shots of a Playa cleanup trip, fixing the cracks in the ball, and a couple shots of my apricot tree cuz it looks so good this year.

Burning Silicon Pre-Compression Party
26 July I dragged the whole thingy to downtown San Jose for an evening party; a dress rehersal for the big move coming.

The last few days before leaving for the playa are always a rush.

First Week
Arrival and sites during the week before the event.

a place to stand
Photos of my project-finally all the pieces come together.

Black Rock City
Random shots around my home town.

Packing up to go home is easier but less enjoyable than arriving.