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The sun should begin rising before long. I think it is time to set down the pen and grease the still screaming fingers and enjoy the brightening of the sky, just starting centered in my big mobile picture window.

Up the hill, down the hill. Too slow, too fast. Eastern Wyoming. "Strong Winds Possible-next 5 miles" spaced every 5 miles for hours, but here just before sunrise, the air is calm and cold. Headlights off;the sky is so bright I don't need them. May see the sun at the top of this next ridge or surely the one after.

Wearing shorts in such weather, wrapped in my 2 ton portable environment is a luxury and occasionally reminds me of my weight loss. Shift my foot on the accelerator and I see muscles through tanned skin. For a lot of years, my musculature lay hidden beneath excess fat to obscure the finer motions and interplays.
The hills are bright but a ridge is mercifully blocking the sun for just a few more miles. I hope those clouds over there don't burn off before I can reach its shade.
Sun! Little gaps in the ridge bring multiple sun rises and sets. At the top of the hill glasses on, visor down, it will be down for a while now. I may have finally found the right time of day to photograph the forest of windmills. The sun is silhouetting them well and I take a bunch of shots-haven't been successful in the past trying to capture the scale of the project-see what happens this time.
Finding someone willing to do the body casting was tough. For years I figured I'd have to resort to going to a hospital and getting put into a body cast. After a visit to a mask shop and a bunch of calls to artists and friends of artists, I found an artisan who was willing to take the job next time I returned to Colorado.
Made it to the shade of that bank of clouds. The sun shouldn't be a problem till well past Laramie.

Made the turn south from I-80 onto I-25 and nearly to CO.

I pushed myself hard in the days before BM. I usual thrive on a short afternoon nap and 3-4 hours of sleep at night-about 5 hours each 24 but never the same 5. After cutting it back to about 2 hours for 5 days, it was not surprising that I slept as much as I did on the ride to BM2000. 25 hours of driving, 12 hours of sleeping in a couple naps in the driver's seat of my tight car. As a result, my arrival was pushed back to early sunday morning.
After the tortuous entrance at 5 mph and the ticket and greeting stations, I drove straight to the ARTERY, the home of Crimson Rose and the art installation HQ. Too early for the artsy folk to be here, but I find the placement map and WOW! have they placed Wizzard da Vinci in prime space! Except for the themed installations along the spine of the man-the 12:00-6:00 line-I'm as close as any piece to the center of our growing town; a mere 500' in the 8:00 direction.
OOPS! just flew by my exit! Better spend more time driving and less writing. Quick exit, entrance, exit and I'm on the last leg through Greeley (remember Horrace Greeley? When he said "go west young man" west was Illinois).
when I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse
out of the corner of my eye.
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now,
the child is grown. the dream is gone.
I have become comfortably numb.

- Pink Floyd
The Wall
Rolling up on my part time home in rural Colorado, The Wall on the CD player these words rattle through my head. I've always felt there is more just around the corner if you could just see it. Turn your head quickly, squint just right. I sometimes feel I catch a glimpse of it at BM.
I arrive now to main street CO; when I hit 8:00 and Sex Drive-my Black Rock City address-I was the first on the corner. But the sounds of construction were all around.

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