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That has to be a BM car & U-Haul I'm passing! Should see more as I approach the Bay. #2 BM sighting. Confirmed! I think I talked with him.

Took 11 weeks to clean up the BM site last year. This year they have 2. Many folks are out there still.


At 75 mph, I'll need to stay in the right lane except to pop around the occasional slow truck. 85 is the average in the other lane. Medium traffic, nice descent into Sacramento. More than an hour distant and nearly at sea level. Gorgeous day.


After the second and third days of wind, I started putting light sticks on the da Vinci pieces after dark-though they tended to walk away in the night. When I found the rear cast face down, again the main culprit was the wind. I did my best in the dark to light it up and wait for morning and better visibility.


I got up early saturday to tear down both installations so I can leave after the burn. (Siting #3-lotta playa dust) As was my habit-straight out from camp along 8:00

Idiot driver!, cutting off people on a mountain road is unforgivable. Avoid him. As I approached da Vinci I was pleased to see that some caring citizen has stood up the back cast and reassembled the square-which I had tossed on the ground when I found the man down the previous night. On to the Oasis.
After I found my cast down in the dark, I rode out to Centre Camp. It was friday midnight and the chai line-the short one around the side-looked to be 30 minute wait. The weekend yuppies had arrived.

Logging trucks with small diameter evergreens of some sort. Sad. Probably end up as chipboard.

The bazaars of old were not sustainable. A disproportionately large share of the annual food, fuel, clothing and entertainment budgets got spent in a very short time.
If BM is unsustainable, how much more so our REAL way of life? Will those logs just keep getting more spindly each season? Will we cut up all the forests to grow grain or make paper? How much energy did you use in the week I spent on the desert? How much trash did you make? and where is it now? I know the answers. Do you?

30 miles to SAC. #4 BM siting-trailer and beads hanging from the rear view mirror.

Dissassembling the dome and the failed 3rd project and cleaning the area-as well as a rescuing a few people stranded in the desert took time.
Accident just ahead though I didn't see it, everyone hits zero speed and rubber neckers make sure the slowdown spreads way far back. 14 miles to SAC, 100 to SFO about 120 to a shower and nap.
Ha, ha, ha, a guy riding a motorcycle laying back completely and steering lightly with his outstretched feet. Don't think my photo attempt out the back window will come out-bit of a traffic hazzard, but funny.

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