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Each end of the Oasis struts needed to be flattened and drilled to join with adjoining struts. More templates made the standardization of the struts easier. The ends of the flattened pipes were like dull razors ready to catch on the unwary finger or leg that wander too near. More nicks and cuts. Burning Man has helped motivate my weight loss. It's nice to be in a place where clothing is optional with a crowd that barely notices when you pick that option. While I realize that most humans look better with clothing-and my 47 year old body is no exception-I've been happy to know that my loss of weight will be visible out on the playa. I wonder how my weight changed after a week of randomly placed meals of uncertain nutrition.
The major hand assaults came during many of the phases of the other big project for BM 2000; Wizzard da Vinci. I've been interested in having my body cast for over a decade. About that time, I had some friends make a face mold of me using the pre-plastered cast making rolls used to set broken bones. About a year ago, I struck on the perfect poses for my body cast: the 2 positions in the famous body proportion illustration by Leonardo da Vinci, sometimes called Vitruvius Man.

The first thought was to make mold of the front figure with legs together and arms level and attach the arms and legs of the second pose in a vishnu-like figure.

Stopped writing for a while to get through the salt and city of Salt Lake and the steep hills on the other side. Now the sun is below the canyon walls and night will be here about the time I reach Wyoming. Yea, it's a bonfire and a Rave, but it is more, too.

WYOMING right at sunset

Whoppie! found a parking are with 2 dumpsters that are begging for trash. I comply and dump my BM trash, knowing it has a good home and lightening the weight on the front of the trailer by maybe 100 lbs. I never realized how many adjustments I make to the CD player as I drive, nor how sharp the cases are in the tightly packed travelling road CD collection. My little finger is getting a workout.
The trailer is behaving much nicer on this the return trip. No 7' tall body casts 10' above the road surface acting like a big wind vane. I'm cruising between 35 mph up and 70 mph down the hills of Wyo.

I reached 70 a couple times early in my trip out, but they were short, intense, adrenalin charged roller coaster rides I wasn't sure I was going to survive in some of these same hills. I hate holding up traffic which I often do in the many miles of useless orange construction cones that litter I-80 through Wyoming. I especially hate it when an 18 wheeler rides my bumper the whole way with 2-way traffic and uneven roads.. I think they have more comes than they can store so just leave them on the highway.
Second tunnel. Get ready. Suck in air. Hold...hold...hold... no lane change please, hold... breathe.

Stopped for a nap; now 3am and with 4-5 hours to home and feeling refreshed enough to make it.

When taking my shower a few hours ago, I was happy to see my toe nail glitter still intact and didn't see a lot of excess fat that I didn't have before I left on this trek. I think the days of working on my projects and uncounted miles on my bike around BRC probably balanced the diet I chose. It's about 4 hours to a bathroom scale

Over a short time, Wizzard da Vinci turned into a BM project and 2 full body casts would be needed. The two halves of the illustration would stand apart with separate circle and square elements. All 4 parts would line up only when viewed from a specific point where the 5th element would be a view port. The 5th element went through many mental revisions before the real thing was built.

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