Burningman 2008:

The American Dream

Early Plans

Coming soon
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15 Aug
16 Aug
Bob Marzewski Arrives
Duncan Moyer Arrives 
17 Aug
[Elecktra arrives on 
PI list Will help as 
Bob & Duncan go to 
Gerlach to pick up 
previously staged 
wood (1-2 trips near 
Gerlach) & deliver 
to site.
18 Aug
Jim Crowley (Warrior) 
Bob & Duncan begin 
building back side 
of letters
19 Aug
Bob, Duncan & Warrior 
finish back, begin 
building front side 
of letters
20 Aug
Marcel Marcinkowski 
Kevin D. Hall 
Larry Breed arrives. 
Bob, Duncan & Warrior 
finish front side 
of letters
21 Aug
David McParland Arrives
 All hands lift and begin 
attaching front to back 
with 2x4s & plywood
22 Aug
Cary McHugh (Burning
Silicon list) Arrives
Bob, Duncan, Marcel, 
Kevin & Larry finish 
attaching front to 
back with 2x4s & ply 
David McP & Dea Nelson 
(Dea on Playa Info 
early list) working 
on attaching cloth 
Begin adding Facade 
23 Aug
David McP & Dea Nelson 
working on attaching cloth
Team finishes adding 
Facade ply Late in day 
(?if calm?)-lift/standup 
piece onto burn platform 
& rig.
Ember & Cary working on 
rigging & burn platform.
24 Aug
Early Morning when air 
piece onto burn 
platform & rig.
Rig flags and 
lighting, test 
in wind(?)
Ember working on 
25 Aug
26 Aug
27 Aug
28 Aug
29 Aug
30 Aug


burns @ midnight
31 Aug
Clean up day
1 Sep
2 Sep
wizzard leaves (?)




Early List 
Sat 16 Aug
Bob Marzewski
Duncan Moyer

Mon 18 Aug
Jim Crowley 

Wed 20 Aug
Marcel Marcinkowski
Kevin D. Hall
Nancy Goodrich
Larry Breed

Thu 21 Aug
David McParland

Positions What I'd love to see

Wizzard -overall leader and structure -help with perimeter
Duncan -lighting and thin plywood search. Scrounger. -help with perimeter
David -Muslin (cloth) and Gesso on sides, top back of structure -help with perimeter
Warrior  - flags -help with perimeter
sCary -clean up/burn platform/Sheet rock acquiring/safety -help with perimeter
Kevin -buy 65-75 2x4s? see if can find recycled? -help with perimeter
Ember  - ropes & rigging. elp with safety and burn platform. -help with perimeter
Elecktra -help with flags? Cloth? help -with perimeter
Marcel  -stir fry captain, cold drinks and on site gopher/helper -help with perimeter
daniel kottke  - ??maybe -help with perimeter/clean up)

Need to know who has what tools. Screws? Nails? Long Staples Construction glue (YES!!)