Burningman 2005: Projects

What to do?: THE SECRET SITE!!!

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Art Application


User name: wizzard

Full name: Bob Marzewski

Additional Emails: livember, dnelson, dvh00, arthurz

Purchased a ticket?: yes

What years have you attended Burning Man?: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,

Previous Projects: Trash Fence 1996
Spiral Mirror 1997-2003
Temporal Decomposition 1997
Chaotick 1999-2003
Monolith 1999
Wizzard da Vinci 2000
Wizzard Oasis 2000-2003
A Place to Stand 2003
Cross Dress 2003
KS-VERT, 2001-2003

Other Contributions: Earth Guardians
Black Rock Gazette
Playa Info

Last Year's Contact: Bob Marzewski


Art Installation Questionnaire

Art Installation / Project Name: Project X

Listed On Public Map?: listed

Listed On Burning Man Website?: listed

Website Description of Art Installation: We'll know it when we see it.

Project X is the result of a study of group effectiveness in the
presence of ambiguity.
Project members are functioning on a need-to-know basis.
Right now, you don't need to know.

Date Of Arrival: Earlier

Associated With Theme Camp?: no

Theme Camp Association: n/a

Physical Description of Art Installation: Wizzard, Bob Marzewski, was invited
to coordinate the project as development largely because of his experience and
expertise with large wooden structures.
He does not know yet what form the Project X structure will take.  The
materials list suggests a structure on a scale similar to last year's
Pagoda, except that it will not be burned on site.

One thing we know is that the project specifically needs a direct line
of sight to the Man from the deep playa.

Scaffolding or structure over 15 feet high : yes

Holes dug in the playa : no

Interference with nearby art?: yes

Interference Detail: The structure will be brightly lit and we will have a generator.

Quiet Area Requirement: no

Dark Area Requirement: yes

Illumination Details: There will be lots of lighting powered by generator.

Project Footprint: The entire installation, with participants, will fit comfortably under
a 200' dome.

Leave No Trace Plan: We have a committed group of burners who are experienced with
large-scale art and know the ground rules of LNT.
- Our team leads have all done large projects which have good records for LNT.
- No large holes, other than for stakes or screw anchors.
- No burn in place.
- No small items to fall off.
- Most construction is being done pre-playa, assembly on site.
- We will disassemble and dispose in the public burn platforms.

If there are large public burn platforms this year that can be reserved we'd be interested.

Project Plan URL: http://

Additional Information: The installation needs a direct line of sight to the Man
from the deep playa.

Building A Stage?: no

Sound Amplification?: no

Number Of Generators: 1-3

Amount Of Fuel: 1-20

Open Fire: no

Flame Effects: no

Pyrotechnic Materials: no

Combustibles a Fuel and Hazardous Material Storage : no