Burningman 2000 and BM2000 Art Projects
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the plan
Computer images, photos and info sent to BM staff prior to BM 2000

the reality
Photos and slight commentary about building the visions.

Wizzard Oasis
Wizzard da Vinci

Photos around my adopted home town, year 2000 version.

RawPhotos From pre-BM to the drive home.

Thoughts on the ride home

Knowing I had a 2400 mile trip home and busting with thoughts, I began writing this epic on the backs of miscellaneous paper on my lap as I drove. 56 pages later, here it is as written, completed 10 miles from home.

This contains many more details about the construction and set up of my art installations this year than the photo albums to the left.

San Francisco Chronicle
front page Sat. 2 Sep 2000
Front page story about Burning Man featuring photo of Wizzard da Vinci (front page, center!).

Original article on their server
Large image from article-on my server
My version of the article (in case their archive dissappears.)