Burningman 2000 projects - the plan

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Wizzard da Vinci
I've been wanting to do this for years, and may be able to pull it off in time for this year, but there is a 20% chance that I'll miss the window. I'm having the molds made in early August, but don't know if I'll be able to make the casts in time.

I'd like a suggestion about the location for this. I need at least 200' in a straight line to set this up. but would like a mile of unobstructive view (along the axis) if I can get it.
Last year I was out at around 11:00-right next to the no-installation zone-pretty much as near the center as was allowed (earth/mars I think?). I'd like a place like that-or that same place-somewhere away from the fray and where you'll be able to see it from a long distance.

Wizzard Oasis & Cartoon Shop
I need to talk with someone about the flooring of the dome. I'd like to use sod, but wonder about the possibility of leaving the sod after bm2000 for the desert to blow away.
I'm not sure what will happen after a week of thousands of people walking on watered sod in the middle of the desert. It may dry out or may get mashed into a pulp. Trying to plan for any possible* clean up possibility will probably make me use a less appeal floor like plastic or native playa. I am an individual and will be tightly packed bring the sod in.

I'd like a suggestion about the location for this. I want it close enough that people will lug water to it, but not right on the main ring-I'd like it to be a real oasis out in a thinly occupied area of the arid playa.


*If I can assume the same or lesser mass/volume for the sod after a week, I can deal with it-If it expands 5 times, I don't know what I could do.