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How Wall Street Drives Up Gas Prices — Ripping Us Off and Killing Jobs

AlterNet / By Les Leopold Next time you fill up your tank, remember that $10 to $25 is going right from your pocket to the financial sector. May 3, 2012 | Gasoline prices have been falling in recent weeks, but … Continue reading

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Too Hot Not to Notice?

A Planet Connected by Wild Weather Bill McKibben Author of a dozen books, including ‘The End of Nature’ and ‘Deep Economy’ Cross-posted with The Williams River was so languid and lovely last Saturday morning that it was almost impossible … Continue reading

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Why Is the Conservative Brain More Fearful? The Alternate Reality Right-Wingers Inhabit Is Terrifying

Walk a mile in your ideological counterparts’ shoes…if you dare. AlterNet / By Joshua Holland May 2, 2012 Consider for a moment just how terrifying it must be to live life as a true believer on the right. Reality is … Continue reading

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